Monday, October 22, 2007

Book ‘em Danno

So I'm returning a book I checked out from our library last Friday... It's too bad I was the only one.

I thought it was strange to see Hammer in the library since just last week the librarian had commented that she had not had any face-to-face time with her since Hammer took the AP position last year. Even in e-mails, Hammer calls her Suzy. Poor Sarah.

Anyway, the strange-o-meter needle was jumpin' because Hammer was having a conversation on her walkie-talkie. Evidently, Trembley took her passion for literary criticism too far and got caught trying to steal reference books. There was her rolling suitcase, which many teachers unfortunately use, lying on the checkout desk, being autopsied. Extracted were these 800 page, gold leaf books.

The librarian, wide-eyed, was identifying the evidence.

"Dammit! I'd just replaced that son-of-bitch!" screeched the 5’2” librarian.

Really, what kind of a teacher steals books from her own school? It may not have an effect on these kids, but we're still supposed to set examples. Honestly, the real question is who steals in the name of literary criticism? How lame is that? Thanks Trembley for confirming that teachers are nerds.

I don't think that Trembley will be let go for this. Let's face it--when's the last time you heard a teacher being fired for anything less than sexual deviance. If only she was making out with the book, which knowing her, may have been only a couple weeks away.

Check that book for lipstick on the title page...

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