Wednesday, October 24, 2007

At Any Cost

I kid you not. Somehow, yesterday got crazier than the day before. Again, we’re in the computer lab, and I have a kid come up asking for something. This time it’s not scissors, but money.


I love how they hail you like a cab.

“I’m on this Web site, and it only takes credit cards. I don’t have one, but I’ve got the cash.”

You’d think my sigh and eye roll would stop him.

“Could I use your card and just give you the money?”

From my head down, rubbing the temples position I ask, “And what is it that you think is vital enough that I, a teacher, would give you, a student, my credit card number?”

That question doesn’t seem to stop him either.

“We need to make an analysis of what we read, right?”


“Well, I found this site where they do analysis on such stuff. I found five papers on my guy Paint alone. All I need is $24.”

“Paine,” I corrected.

“Yeah, so can you?” as he scoops into the pockets of is jeans to pull out his money.

I took a look at his outstretched hand and responded, “Two things—one what you’re doing is cheating—to take someone’s analysis. Two—that’s three dollars and a McDonald’s Monopoly game piece in your hand.”

Honestly, have we gotten to the point where we cheat on layaway? The joke’s on him regardless. I maxed my credit cards out a long time ago.

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