Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good Gawd

You guys know about the moment of silence after our pledge. You and I know that they are anything but silent. It’s just one of those losing battles that you have to give up on, so that you can concentrate on the other losing battles, like nourishing free thinkers.

Still, you have to put up the front and do some moment of silence monitoring. Take this morning for example. There were two just doing that fake whispering (where you have that whisper tone, but you don’t lower your volume at all) as a means of providing answers to some sort of history homework, whom I had to ask why they felt that they didn’t have to adhere to the policy.

The one with writing on the ass of her pants said, “Because I’m a Christian. I don’t believe in worshiping false gods and saying the pledge would be like I did.”

Ah, religious beliefs—strong move. That subject is so taboo that it should shut any teacher up, right? Unless that student is spouting religious rhetoric mindlessly.

“Hmm, but I asked you about talking during the moment of silence not the pledge. Oh, and what does the Bible say about cheating?”

I’m sure God wasn’t crazy about the name she was calling me in her head either.

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