Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In a fowl mood.

It’s the day before Thanksgiving break and I have to admit that I am not at school. I took a sick day. It had to be done. I’m one “Are we doing anything important today?” away from starting a trashcan fire. Sadly, even though I try to get away, I can’t.

This morning my substitute called me at home.

A sleepy, “Hello?”

“Hi, this is your substitute. A student of yours has come in to do a make-up test, but I don’t see it anywhere and there’s no mention of this in the notes that you left me.”

“She’s lying. I never said such a thing. She was supposed to take it last Thursday. I’ve already told her and her parents this.”


“Because she’s a liar.”

Still perplexed, “But it’s obvious that she wouldn’t be able to get with-“

“Look, she’s a liar. Liars don’t lie to get away with things. They eventually get caught. You know it. They know it. They lie because they are liars. When you're a liar you have nothing to lose. Trust me she’s been doing stuff like this all year. Man, I could tell you some stories, but not now because I’ve got to go.”

Poor guy, perhaps I shouldn’t have cut the phone call short like that—not because it was rude, but I could have given him a heads up on some other fibs that don’t warrant a phone call. He should know that I don’t let them do the Soulja Boy dance during the moment of silence. Letting them leave before the bell is not my Thanksgiving treat to them. And yes, I can be mean, but no, I don’t “hate” them.

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