Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm your Candi-HATE.

Time after time I’ve talked about getting pointless e-mails from teachers in the district and I have no idea who they are. I thought there could be nothing worse. Again, I was wrong. Political e-mails from anybody in the school district are the worse.

I won’t tell you that I got an anti Bush message. I won’t tell you that I got a pro Bush message either. That doesn’t matter. I am at work. All e-mails should pertain to work! Oh, and if they are political, then how about being original. Don't mindlessly forward a 20 font (in orange) rant that’s been forwarded to you by somebody you’ve only e-mailed once and now you’re forever on their mailing list, and they got the e-mail from somebody you don’t even know.

And you know I got reply alls from those who were offended by the “original” message. Yeah that really makes things better.

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