Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All Desked Out

Good news! Admin is giving away desks. Apparently, there were 39 salvaged from all the renovations that were done last year. I guess they’re salvaged, but I don’t know how they can claim that since, “they’re missing two drawers and some have irregular stains on top.” Is there such a thing as a “regular” stain?

I’ve always been a little sensitive about this, but I feel like the perception of teachers is that they will take anyone’s crap. It’s like we're grateful for anything as long as it is free. I can’t help but to think that the conversation at Admin before the e-mail that was sent out went some thing like, “Hey these desks won’t fit into the dumpster. What should we do?”

Sure, right now in my classroom I’ve got a yardstick fashioned out of two broken yardsticks duct taped together and rubber bands with knots because they snapped, but that doesn’t mean we should be everyone’s go-to Fred Sanford. We do have standards.

With that all said, before I could finish writing this thing another e-mail was sent saying that all the desks had already been claimed.

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