Monday, November 26, 2007

Towing the Party Line

Well, the break is over and it’s back to the absurdity. Nothing reminded me more of this than the e-mail that was waiting for us today from Pécan. He wanted us to remember that the fee for attending the faculty holiday party, which by the tone of things is mandatory, is $13.50. Great, I’ve got to dole out cash to attend a “party” in our own cafeteria on the last day before the winter break when grades are due to applaud the winners of the candy snowman sculpture contest.

What? You don’t know about the candy snowman sculpture contest? Each department is to submit a snowman made entirely out of candy and/or other sugary goodness. If you’re asking yourself what the point is of having overworked teachers take time out to do such a thing, then just imagine watching the art department win year after year.

Oh, maybe I need to be more open to social activities amongst my colleagues, but I think some of them are irritated too because right after the Pécan e-mail one of the English teachers sent an e-mail to the department suggesting our snowman have a Kit Kat bar going through its eye.

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