Monday, December 03, 2007

At least it isn’t a Disco Diva Wall.

During our planning period tomorrow we’re supposed to get our picture taken for the “Rock Star Wall.” What that is I don’t know, though I probably looked strung out on heroin and needed some CC’s of electrolytes pumped into me. I certainly feel that way.

I guess this wall is an attempt to celebrate the teachers, but why can’t it be a “teacher” wall?

There’s nothing wrong with being a teacher. There shouldn’t be a need to sell what we do as special by trying to compare us to such extraordinary lifestyles. So let’s do away with any Rock Star Wall or Superhero Wall or Ninja Assassin Wall.

By the way, we were told the backdrop of our pictures would be the leftover pumpkins from the Thanksgiving décor that was in the display case of the main hallway. That just screams “rock star” doesn’t it?

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