Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Talk about your COP outs…

A request has been made by the district’s police department that we extend the hours of our after school activities and look to increase the number of activities offered. This request was made due to the fact that it could help subdue the recent flare-up of unruly student behavior occurring after 2:45 PM.

Let me get this straight—the guys with the pepper spray, handcuffs and firearms are asking the teachers to give them a hand—strike that—do their jobs?

The day I do that is the day Officer Krupke here covers inference with my 4th period.

Look, I understand their concern. I do, really, because there are times where I’m amazed that I don’t get accosted during the school day. I know that every minute with some of these kids that I’m pushing my luck with every second that passes. That’s all the more reason not to honor this request.

Now, if I could sponsor a club and carry a can of pepper spray, then that would be a different story. Of course, that would be a terrible idea. With some of the jack-a-ninnies I’ve got, I’d be too tempted to mash down on that can like it was silly string.

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