Monday, December 10, 2007

Don’t get so emoticon.

From time to time a teacher, our site representative for one of the state teacher organizations/union-ish thingies, sends us e-mails with updates of legislation that concerns us. I guess it concerns me. To be honest no matter what law, funding or amendment tied to education is passed won’t get me less work, proper pay or sanity.

Let me put it this way; you can build and rebuild the fastest, most badass car again and again and its bolts are just that—bolts. And that’s what teachers are—the stuff that holds things together—no matter the design with its improvements (or mistakes) and changes.

Another reason I don’t really pay attention to those emails is that I don’t really understand them. The terminology is so foreign.

…resolving our TIRZ issue which has been absent in the state aid formula since HB 1…

Maybe I’m not the only one who feels that way and maybe that’s why she inserts the emoticons to give us a clue to how we should feel.

…resolving our TIRZ issue which has been absent in the state aid formula since HB 1…

…estimated projected resolution for the BLK for the TIRZ has been pushed back to next year… :(((

…hang in there the semester is almost over… <:-P

But I’ll keep on reading, just in case a (00) pops up. I’d hate to miss that. ;)

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