Friday, December 07, 2007

Mad Propaganda, Yo!

Have you guys ever been to your district’s Website? Does it have a useless FAQ too? You know the ones I’m talking about—where it doesn’t answer actual questions asked, but uses it to push some BS on you in the guise of John Q. Public.

“I've heard that the district has a top-notch service learning initiative. Where can I learn about it?”

That doesn’t sound staged, right? Excuse me, but how can I learn more about your awesomeness.

Then there are those questions where you can tell that they’re trying to put out some fires.

“Is it true that the high schools went from six periods to seven periods a day to compensate for an increasing failure rate by allowing students more opportunities to make up classes they are lacking for graduation?”

The Webpage actually states that the move was made due to student demand for more classes, so that more electives could be taken. Talk about your vocal minority. I’m with these kids all day, and I’ve never heard them express this once, and trust me, they have no problem sharing how they feel, mostly in a surly fashion. What I do notice, though, is that I now have an extra class, peppered heavily with repeaters, and there is a surplus of kids with early release and late arrival.

And let’s not forget how they can avoid the question all together.

“Why are instructional technologists and library assistants being cut from next year’s budget?”

The school board has not made any final decisions on this issue. Remember, budgeting is a tedious and laborious task.

Here’s a question. Why do I feel sick?

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