Monday, January 14, 2008

Elvis is still in the building.

I’ve complained about the late hours many times before. Let’s face it; getting out before the sun goes down is a good day. To be honest though, it’s those hours of the day that I appreciate the most. I mean when else can a teacher get consecutive hours of uninterrupted silence to work? There are no intrusive PA announcements. There are no office requests. There are tardies to process.

Of course, I now realize that no disturbances are no longer guaranteed, especially after getting the following school wide e-mail from a teacher:

How do I contact the administrator on duty, or any administrator, when there is a fight in the building at 7 PM?

Great, now we teach by day and fight crime at night. What? Now I’m Batman? No, wait. He's a millionaire—I must be Brokeman. He’s got a rope in his utility belt and my belt is an old piece of rope.

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