Monday, January 07, 2008

Oh Tupperware, Oh Tupperware / How lovely are your stains

At first I thought I was going to dread having the winter break start later in the year, but I do have to admit that it has been nice to have more of a buffer between New Year’s and the Spring semester.

Speaking of the start of the semester--it marks the end of the Christmas holidays more than I realized—in a teacher-esq sort of way. For example, where one may have a Christmas tree to take down, I have a stack of landfill worthy Tupperware containers to remove from below my desk. Think about it. Trees are strewn with garland. My Tupperware has mold circling it. Your tree may have tinsel. Mine glistens with the now hardened, gelatinous goo from various reheated gravies and soups.

Yes, I should have taken care of my plasticware situation before the holiday, but I’ve told you all stories about the last day before the break. Do you guys blame me for wanting to get the heck out of here?

The similarities don’t just stop with appearance either. Yes, just like Christmas trees, my neighbors also have Tupperware mounds. And I guarantee that I have more than a couple of nutty teachers who will leave their “trees” up all year round.

Anyway, I’m rested and ready to be back—and brown bagging it until I can get these things cleaned up.

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