Friday, January 25, 2008


Okay, I’ve been complaining about jack-a-ninny e-mails coming in from staff and faculty lately, so it’s time for me to give them some love. Pécan sent this:

Teachers are taking their students outside to do projects. Great idea! When you bring the students back into the school do not let adults come in the school with you. Staff do not open any other door in the school for anyone. We had parents wandering around the school today trying to find the offices. All parents are required to come to the front of the school and check in. The front door is the only door for visitors. This is district policy. Please help by following school procedures.

Absolutely! I think any teacher should be fired for letting this happen. Let me hip you to a little secret, people. All bad guys don’t dress like the Hamburgerler. They don't wear those striped prison outfits and a mask. That’s why we don’t let strangers into the building.

Shoot, even if you recognize the person, you don’t let them in through side doors. How many times have they interviewed the neighbors of a caught mass murderer and they said, “He seemed so normal.”

Please, if we are going to teach our kids safety, then can we remember some of those lessons for ourselves?

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