Thursday, February 07, 2008

The MySpace Between Your Ears

Okay so I read about this school district officer being in trouble. He thought he would provide guidance to students by going out and meeting the kids on their turf—MySpace.

He created an account with tips and whatnot, then gave out the page to kids for them to visit. A problem arose though. He had MySpace “friends” linked to the page who were providing access to porn. As soon as the problem was brought to his attention he fixed it. I’m sure it was unintentional, but still, he has to be investigated.

Hey, the guy made a mistake, though incorporating MySpace into any learning environment is the dumbest idea ever, especially in its current state. And don’t bring that blanket statement of “We need to appeal to students’ interests” crap either. UFC is popular, but you don’t see me using superman punches to illustrate a point on context clues do you? Wait a minute…

Anyway, he had good intentions. It happens.

What makes me upset is that the only picture that this article has is of the officer, but if you read the thing he got permission from his supervisors. Why aren’t their mugs up there?

Way to go news media. Thanks for being biased. I guess it’s not a story unless there’s a villain.

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