Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Basket Cases

The counselors are trying to initiate a Thank You Basket. They want us to record acts of kindness by students we witness during the week on a form and place it in a basket sitting in the counseling office. At the end of the week, names will be drawn on the following Monday for that week’s Barron Behavior Buddies.

Yeah, more paperwork!

I’m guessing that this thing is entirely subjective. I mean a warm day in Hawaii is different than one in Antarctica, right? I’m just saying because good deeds with my jack-a-ninnies can only be so much, which may never be basket worthy.

When Brittany has a tantrum, she always throws her pen to the floor, thus avoiding striking anyone’s eye. I ask you; how many tantrum throwers would considerer others in such a way?

Billy, when doing karate moves on other students coming into class, doesn’t follow through and actually make contact. I appreciate that.

When Kyle is belting out The Game lyrics at the top of his lungs and he edits himself and muffles the offensive terms—bitch, nigga and mother fuc—well you get the point. Way to go!

Why don’t you go stick those in your basket.

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