Friday, February 01, 2008

In Name Calling Only

The subject of this week’s BAP class was the school wide theme of the upcoming week. Next week it will be No Name Calling Week at SHLS. It’s the school’s effort to modify student behavior. Of course this a school combating Ass Slap Friday, so a different approach may be needed—like Muzzle Week or Hannibal Lecter Type Dollies for the Students Week.

Anyway, in order to prep for the week, we were given some exercises to do with our BAP kids. The first one was a feelings journal. I recited words (fat, loser, ugly), while students wrote down how those words made them feel. Then, if they felt comfortable, students could share what they wrote. Evidently, one boy felt poop, poop and poop.

Another exercise was for students to take turns in complimenting one another. I’m not sure that worked either because it brought the following snickering riddled exchange:

“Corey, you’re not a fag.”

“Your mom’s not a fag.”

“Your face’s not a fag.”

Though I must admit that’s a lot better than I thought it would be. My BAP kids are capable of much worse.

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