Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It’s a CELL-abration.

Thank the Lord! It looks like I can back down on my cellphone confiscations. No, it’s not because school policy has changed. The students are not popping out their phones less in class either—goodness no.

It turns out that the new literary craze is cellphone novels. Yes, the youngsters are writing stories on their cellphones, which are not only being turned into novels, but are becoming best sellers. Now the characteristics of these creations differ from traditional novels (weak characters, little plot development, fragmented sentence), which makes it just that much more a believable excuse if an administrator comes in and my kids are thumbing away. I'll be able to say, "Why they're not texting. They're writing!"

So get ready to for the next generation of literature:
g8 xpektayshuns
2 hav & hav not
+ventures of huk fin
I can see the next big cellphone service campaign now: Can you read me now?

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