Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Field Tripping

The freshmen had a huge field trip today. I say freshmen, but all freshmen are not going. There’s about a hundred who didn’t get permission slips signed. What are the odds that eight of those kids would be in my one freshman class this year?

Would it be a surprise to you if I told you much didn’t get done? Though I did put the kids through a review for the next test, they didn’t seem that motivated.

I watched one kid forge his parent’s signature on the permission slip and bring it to me to convince me that he needed to go on the field trip. It was difficult for me to break it to him that he couldn't go. By difficult I don’t mean that it broke my heart. No, I mean he didn’t understand the situation. Each time I told him that I the signature was not legitimate and the busses left two hours ago; he would just extend the paper out towards me. Finally I just thanked him, took his slip, and he sat down.

I still haven’t figured freshmen out.

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