Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Out of Line

I just had to open the e-mail with the title, “Do we have any country line dancers out there?”

It was from the parent/teacher liaison asking for those skilled in that type of dancing to volunteer for this year’s APE. She thought that it would be great if some of the teachers could be part of the function’s (this year’s theme is Riding Off Into the Sunset) entertainment for the kids.

Hmm—dressing up and performing for the students. Let me see, Let me see…

For you first time visitor’s to this site and are not familiar with my stances:

No Freakin’ Way!

You might as well ask me to dance to an organ grinder because I see no difference between two. I am a schooled professional given a task to educate the next generation in a system that ties teachers' hands at every twist and turn. I refuse to participate in something that chips away at the little dignity we must hold on to.

And it’s not like this is for charity either. That I could see as plausible. No, we are being asked to be filler between raffles where kids are winning television and cars before they go off for an extended weekend of drinking. I’ve seen the pictures. They love to provide evidence.

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