Monday, March 03, 2008


The morning announcements were certainly something. Pécan reminded students that state testing was going down tomorrow. Like they weren’t aware. We’ve been drillin’ and killin’ since coming back from the winter break. He reminded them that they needed to check the alpha lists in the cafeteria at lunch today to see what room they’re supposed to report to for testing. He also reminded those students who will need reading assistance (his term for the kids with reading disabilities) that they will be taking the testing in special designated areas.

So much for integration…

At the very least notify those students with a little bit of the down low, eh? My kids, who need subtlety assistance themselves, went nuts trying to decode Pécan.

“’Reading assistance’—like blind?”

“What do they do? Shout the questions or something?”

“That’s deaf, stupid.”

“Uh stupid, why would you yell at a deaf person?”

All the while, one of my kids who will be in one of those designated areas tomorrow is just sinking into his seat. It’s obvious that he isn’t digging this extra attention, though everyone is oblivious. On the bright side, he’ll have a few days without this stimulating conversation.

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