Friday, February 29, 2008

House of Report Cards

In my BAP class I’m suppose to distribute report cards. After doing so, Hammer had instructed us to go through an exercise with the kids where we review a list of thirteen tips for students to be successful. Geez, Hammer would have had an intervention if I had more than five class rules. She would have felt that more than that would have been too much for them to process, so why does she think thirteen is a solid idea?

There were some real nuggets buried in the list. Shall we prospect?

#3—Manage your time well.

How ironic that I’m supposed to pass out report cards and teach thirteen tips in twenty minutes.

#4—Be successful in your classroom.

I don’t even know what that means. I mean note taking skills are key, but not catching on fire is pretty darn good too. Could I have some clarity so my kids can have some too?

#6—Know how to read a textbook.

Like don’t have it upside down?

#7—Study Smart

See #4.

#12—Have good attendance.

Well stop letting them have 10 absences a six weeks.

#13—Complete assignments on time

Why? They can’t get less than a 50.

I don’t think the kids were too down with the rules either. The final part of the assignment had the students write in their journals what kind of grades they want to shoot for. One student wrote, “I want D’s (nutz).”

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