Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Super Duper

I pulled hall duty for this round of state testing. You guys know how that goes. This time I got so bored that I started doodling. My boredom resulted in me doing a cartoon of myself. It was no ordinary cartoon though. I was a super hero. I had the tights and everything. To the side I even scribbled down my super powers. There was the usual—strength, flight, etc., but there were also some of my own skills that I thought were quite spectacular. For example, there’s my ability to eat the same dang lunch (those sups you drink from a can, crackers and raisins) day after day. There were even some talents listed that I wish I had as a teacher. Who wouldn’t want to be able to tune out the whining of students? Now that’s what I call super hearing.

After all of that I still had time to kill, so I moved on to creating foes. Trust me I had plenty of inspiration. There was this little gnome-like enemy called, Sonic Scream, whose voice could level giant structures. This gnome rolled her R’s.

Count Coffee dispensed a liquid of volcanic intensity (the golf coach spilled his cup on me this morning in the workroom). I was working on a henchman for him, Corporal Creamer, but I got illustrator’s block.

Of course Kandy Kane was there to stand in my hero’s way. She dispensed mind control substances to unsuspecting, impressionable kids to do her bidding.

Hmm, maybe I’ve found another gig in my future other than teaching. Well see, I’m still trying to iron out the kinks to my secret lair, the Teachers’ Lounge of Solitude.

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