Thursday, March 06, 2008

Eye don't get it.

It just doesn’t make sense. One of my kids not only brought in a pillow so she could go to sleep after taking the test (she finished with two hours to go, by the way), but she also pulled out a sleep mask. It was a brand new, just bought mask too. I watched her as she pulled it from it’s wrapping (making quite a noise for everyone else) once she had turned in her test.

What I don’t understand is why is she so prepared and determined to get in a good nap? I’ve never seen this girl so dedicated to something, especially sleeping. I mean this was the same girl who last week complained that paying twenty cents to make copies of a source that she needed to write her research paper was “ridiculous,” yet she shelled out more money for a sleeping mask (monogrammed, no less).

Tomorrow I’ll play some of those subliminal tapes while she sleeps.

“Relax. Feel a wave of warmth go over your body. I will start studying. Take deep breaths. I shouldn’t respond with ‘whatever’ to all of my teachers. Breath…”

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