Monday, March 10, 2008

Sage Advice

My student aid, Calculus, whom was given that name by me after I found out she was looking for a position because she was dropping that very same class turns out is a fine English student. In fact, she has Sage for AP English. It appears that his recent different than usual behavior has carried over into the classroom.

Calculus reported to me that his agenda on the board the other day was, “Figure out what the hell I’m saying.”

Maybe he is cracking a little bit, but why? Why now, after all these years? How is the twenty-eighth year different than the twenty-seventh?

I guess he’s cracking. I’m almost positive that what he wrote on his board bears no semblance to what I will do. I imagine that there will be heavy mocking of the students by repeating what they say.

“Uh, dude—you alright?”
“UH, Dude—You Alright?”

“What’s your damage?”
“What’s YOUR damage?”

Then let’s see—I’m sure one of my students would say that they pay my salary and that they could get me fired. And I’m sure that I would respond with fart noises. Who knows where it would go from there?

Oh, and a pickleball paddle will definitely be involved.

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