Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I think note.

Hammer came to me the other day because she had in her day planner that she needed to talk to me about the class movement to other portions of the building policy. Class movement? I don’t have to start potty training them now, do I?

Actually, she was referring to when we take our kids to the library or somewhere, then we should post a note on our door indicating where we’ve gone. It’s a good policy because staff needs to know where we are, in case they need to get ahold of a kid or something.

The conversation went like this:

“I have in my notes here that we need to review our policy on class movement to other places in the building.”


She stares back at her day planner. “Mmm, I don’t have that here, but—“

“Is it because I sent you an e-mail that I had posted a note on my door that my class was in the library, but someone had turned it around and wrote on there, ‘Blake Conroy is a turd,’ and I was hoping that we could do something about keeping the hallway traffic down to a minimum.”

Unless getting the word out that Blake Conroy is a turd is imperative.

“Well we try to do what we can, but there are so many hours in the day.”

I can’t help but wonder that if there is only so much time that only the important stuff can get done, then why didn’t she know exactly why she was there?

Sometimes this job can be a turd.

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