Wednesday, November 08, 2006

That's just crazy talk.

We had one of those standardized test meetings this morning, so that we could discuss how we're going to get our little darlings to score better. Here's an idea; let's stop fretting over it and drilling them to death.

During the brainstorming session one of my colleagues said, "We need to teach the children to have a conversation with the text."


New Hobo Teacher Rule--you can't say something like that without ringing some meditation chimes.

Conversation with the text? Most of my kids' lips move when they read. Does that count?

All of this would be great, if the "state" in the state standardize test referred to one's mental state.

I always thought Little Johnny had an imaginary friend he was talking to in the corner. But, turns out, I guess he was just talking to his textbook. Way to go, Johnny!

I couldn't help but to imagine if similar statements were made in other departments.

-"The students need to learn how to harmonize with heat transference."

-"They need to hold hands with democracy."

-"They must be able to floss with circumference."

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