Friday, October 27, 2006

Mum's the word.

Ah, the Friday of homecoming--Mum Day! I'm half convinced that our homecoming is sponsored by The Chiropractor Association of America because of the size of the mums nowadays. Do you guys remember how these things used to have tiny little bells? 'Member? Well, I swear that I saw one today that had such gigantic bells on it that there was a hunchback ringing them.

Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

Another girl had two mums on--not out of vanity, but necessity. She needed a counter weight to keep from toppling over and what's better to use than a 2nd mum--a tractor??

And what's with wrapping these things up with lights. Did someone say, "You know what's missing from this 62 lbs. decoration--a 6 volt battery!"? And not just lights, but blinking lights. All day long I've been trying to recall my epileptic seizure professional development, knowing that these strobing mums were going to initiate an attack for some innocent bystander.

Of course if I were more opportunistic, then I would have shut off my lights, put on some house music and charged $10 a head for my little makeshift rave.

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