Friday, October 20, 2006

The Substitute Who Went Above and Beyond

The coolest thing happened today. There was a fight! Before you say, "That's no big deal--students fight everyday," let me tell who it was. It was an honors student and a substitute teacher! The sub shoved a kid against the wall while calling him, "a little bitch."

I have no idea how it started, but I'm not surprised that it involved an honors kid. They're the ones that always go the extra mile, and that usually includes going the extra mile at being a jack-a-ninny. You see, the other kids would see having a sub as an opportunity to shut down completely for a full 45 minutes. They don't even have to create the mirage of working (pencil out, book open to some page) like they do with their regular teacher.

But an honors kid... if they are going to try to get away with something, then it's not going to be as passive as your other kids. They are driven to meet their potentials and it's usually with their mouths.

That substitute may have been covering a physics class today, but he was filling in for all teachers. Which one of us out there haven't wanted to plunk a student because being sent to D-Hall every other day means nothing to them? Maybe it's not that. Perhaps you've felt that if you could make an example of one, then the rest will fall into place. Whatever the case is, you have fantasized. Admit it. Sure, we don't actually do anything because we are the gifted few that fight everyday to develop these young minds into responsible citizens, but that doesn't mean that we don't fantasize.

I could just see every teacher letting out a "yes" under their breath and pumping their fists as the news reached them. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow I see teachers giving each other sly high fives as they pass each other in the hallways.

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