Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We have a floater!

Due to construction issues of late, traffic in the hallways has certainly become hairy. Halls that are completely cut off divert students through halls that are partially blocked by cables and boxes needed for the renovations. Of course those closed hallways have resulted in closed classrooms too, which have tripled our number of floating teachers--teachers without a home. Wait a second...

Anyway, they've got to weave in and out of that mess in the same amount of time that the students do. And if you think that the administration has scheduled them to remain on the same floor so that thirty teachers with pushcarts don't have to fight over two elevators, then you would be wrong (and you obviously don't read my blog enough). Oh wait, strike that. One elevator has been down for the past two weeks. ADA must stand for, "They 'ah-dah' fend for themselves."

On top of that, I just know that I'm going to turn the corner and see one of the floaters being chased like Mel Gibson with an apocalyptic road gang from the future hot on his tail. You laugh, but you know that there are more than a few jack-a-ninnies in a sea of hallway kids who would find overturning one of those teacher carts the fulfillment of their academic career.

I'm telling you, I'm 99% sure I saw a group of kids with mohawks, facial piercings, with some decked out in old-school hockey masks. Here's hoping that they were the theater kids rehearsing for a Road Warrior revival, but I didn't stick around to ask questions. It's dog eat dog out there.

And as long as we're laughing though, it would be funny if one of the teachers decided to pick up some money on the side with their carts, hotdog vendor style, in between classes.

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