Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"The Hills" are alive!

I wish that I could say that having a student aide has made things a whole bunch better, but it's not all smooth sailing. I mean it's kind of nice to have a student under your wing where the pressure of grades has been removed, but like I said, there are some down sides. For example, Calculus (The nickname just stuck) feels compelled to share everything about her life with me.

Now, I'm not talking about anything intimate or whatnot. Man, I truly wish that were the case. I'd gladly take some uncomfortable moments over what I'm enduring now because it's worse than that. Unfortunately, she shares every little mundane fact about her life instead. Take today, for example. She wouldn't stop talking about her favorite TV show. She went on and on, even though I never remotely, in any way, asked her to tell me nor showed the slightest smidgen of interest.
...anyway on 'The Hills' Lauren is trying to share her feelings with Jason about how hard it is to juggle fashion school and being an intern at the same time you see Jason is her boyfriend since 'Laguna Beach' that was her previous show when she and her friends were juniors and seniors in high school in Laguna Beach that's in California and they're trying to see if she and Jason will make it or not with real love and not that like high school love speaking of high school craziness Kristen is definitely not on the 'The Hills' they hate each other there's a new 'Laguna Beach' you know and they're like the brothers and sisters of the original cast...

Finally, I sent her out into the hallway to make sure that there were exactly sixty-two tiles in the ceiling. I just couldn't take it anymore, so I figured that would keep her busy.

There must have been sixty-four because she came back with two tiles under her arm.

The worst thing is that she came in saying, "This reminds me of the first season of 'Laguna Beach' where Lauren..."

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