Thursday, September 21, 2006


Pécan sent out an email that was simply entitled DNA and it contained a list of students. Many of which I was familiar with, but what in the heck was this DNA thingy? Sure, it's been over a month since school started, but my acronym skills are still a little rusty. I'm sure in another week I'll be talking like this:

Does the transferring LEP student have his IEP in place for compliant SOL? If not, then I'll get to it ASAP after my ARD.

...but today I was left with only context clues to figure out what Pécan meant. And if you're asking why I just don't email Pécan back to ask what DNA means, then I say, "Welcome to my blog, first time visitor!"

Where was I? Ah, the clues.

Is it, Doesn't Need Assistance?

I'm guessing not because that gothy girl from 5th is on there, and she needs all the help she can get, considering that she has a 50 in my class. Unless the assistance refers to drawing creepy nightscapes all over her desk. She has that covered.

Perhaps the letters refer to Darn Near Aggravating.

That would make sense due to the fact that there about eight kids on the list that ask me everyday what we'll be doing in class even though it's on the board--everyday.

Out of desperation I took the Occam's razor approach and assumed that he was talking about genetics. And of course, I assumed genetic deficiencies.

Why else would that kid from my 6th period who always smells like capers be on the list?

There was a kid named Bartholomew St. Bartholomew IV also. Are you telling me that his parents chose to continue such a torturous tradition? No way. There must be a short in their wiring that compels them to do something like that, if you know what I'm saying.

Then it dawned on me--Do Not Admit. These are the kids that have yet to turn in their student emergency cards and whatnot and will not be able to come back until said items are returned.

I could kick myself for not figuring this out this morning because by the looks of things I could have wiped out my 1st period. And by the looks of things, my colleagues had similar difficulty because half of my 3rd period shouldn't have made it to me.

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