Friday, September 22, 2006

This is BAP-tist country.

The administration has scheduled for BAP (Baron Advisory Program) to begin next week. I don't think that I've ever shared BAP with you guys before. Hold on to your hats for this one. Every couple Thursdays or so, time is shaved off each period, so that we have 30 minutes to meet with about 15 students. The teachers are provided with "lesson plans" that focus on things not academic (citizenship, social skills, whatnot). The idea is that these activities in a one-on-one setting (Yes, you're right. Thirty minutes with 15 students, every two weeks, does come out to a single minute per student.) will be key in the development of a well rounded student.

If you think that the kids might not take this too seriously, then you're right. A kid that thinks Romeo is "gay" because he died for Juliet probably couldn't give two bits about how to shake hands at an interview. It doesn't help that the class is named after an effect from the Batman television show either.





I kid, but it does seem strange that the administration would think such a meek effort would work on those that are in their rebellious prime. If so little is to be done, then maybe we shouldn't mess with that at all? Then again, if one student is affected, then let's do it. At the very least they should have just allotted the time for something a little more realistic than having the students play a game called, "What color am I feeling?"

Anyway, we have a meeting after school today to prepare for the first BAP lesson plan. Which is great because the 1st six weeks' grades are also due today. Wouldn't it be ironic if the first class dealt with stress management?

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