Friday, September 29, 2006

It's a slimy world after all.

Man, I hate parent contact. There are a number of reasons why, but I'm really venting about something in particular. Lately, I've been getting the B.S. response from parents that their child, "is just being a kid."

Are they joking?! I don't call for "a kid being a kid" kind of stuff. Why would I? It's not like I have the extra time or interest to call on such trivial stuff. Nope, I have to be pretty moved to call; and I have a pretty big tolerance.

Half the time I don't even think they listen to what I am saying, but just wait for me to stop talking to throw in that stock defense.

Hello? I just told you that I caught your son selling stolen hall passes in my class.

Did you hear me? I had to send your daughter to the office for wearing a shirt that read "Slut in Training."

The "kid" was inking tattoos in the bathroom with a makeshift needle!

The pills were individually repackaged for distribution!

I'm sorry, but those kinds of things do not qualify as "kid stuff." If they do, then I need to check out the latest Disney titles. What in the world could they be?

Lady and The Two Tramps?

That Darn Thug?

The Shaggy T&A?

Herpes the Love Bug?
Actually, this is kind of fun.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Stab Stab

Mary's Poppin' E

The Aristasluts

Steamboat Willie...

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