Thursday, October 05, 2006

If the shirt fits...

The starting center of the SLHS football team came into my room early this morning. Believe it or not I like to see kids coming in before school. There's no better way to start the day than to have a kid come in (on their own volition) for some extra help or guidance in hopes of finding success in my class. It's better than caffeine. If Starbuck's could put that in a cup, then they would be rich---wait a second...

Sadly, what usually happens creates the same feeling that I have when my coffee has worn off. You see, typically they don't come in seeking sage advice. They're not inquiring about the intricacies of "To Build a Fire." They come in looking for a pre-cal book that was left behind. Oh, it could be many other things too--a PSP--or a hair mannequin--a lasso (don't ask).

And it's not always pick-up either. Sometimes they're there for drop-off.

"Mr. Lipman hates me and won't let leave my history project in his room. Can I leave it here?"

But what if I hate you too?

"I don't have Art until 6th period and I don't want to haul this thing around..."

Well I don't want to teach you, but I do.

Heck, at this very moment I have three trebuchets, a mosaic of John Mayer made out of bottle caps and an unmarked box that rattles from time to time sitting on top of my cabinets.

Well the visit from this particular football player was not exactly an academic one either, but still it was a pleasant one. He stopped by to ask me if I would wear his away jersey for the day as symbol of support for tonight's home game.

Now, knowing this kid, this is more of a suck-up move than it is an expression of admiration. Perhaps he thinks that this gesture will be a sound investment during this time of the year when academic eligibility is the be-all and end-all for him. That maybe just maybe, if he is in jeopardy at the end of the six weeks, then I will make sure he finds himself north of that 69 because he asked me to wear this shirt.

Even kids teetering dangerously between a D and an F know that I don't swing that way.

Of course, I do swing the way that has me accepting his gesture, "borrowing" a free shirt, and wishing him luck on the game. Besides, the jersey will cover up the soup stain on my chest pocket.

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