Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Against All Mods

I had my first mod meeting of the year today. And, I have to say, I think the odds are against academic success for the year.

Actually, I was a bit nervous. It wasn't because I'd never been in this type of meeting before, but because I've had the kid's mods for less than a week. Yes, this is October.

I should have known better than to be nervous because, like I said, this wasn't my first mod meeting. No parents showed up for the thing, which is understandable. Many things can happen on the way to school to hold somebody up. But you would hope that after sitting around for 35 minutes that at least the scheduled administrator would show up. The door opens... let's see who it is... ah, who else? A second teacher. So, you've got two teachers and a student sitting around staring blankly at each other. And heck, the only reason the student showed up is because the student aid was required to escort her to and from the meeting. Evidently, it's in her mods that she tends to wander if left to her own devices.

To make things worse, the special ed. counselor wanted me to sign off on this meeting that never took place. Look, I'll give the student extended time on homework or limit choices on objective tests or whatever. What I won't do for her is set myself up for a lawsuit.

I'm broke enough as it is.

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