Friday, October 06, 2006

Dominated By Subs

There was a campus wide email sent out today. It was asking for teachers to give up their conference period tomorrow to cover classes for the thirty teachers that were going to be out. They would be paid $27 for their time, which is great. What teacher wouldn't jump at that? Well, it won't be me because I'm one of the teachers who will be gone.

The reason why is professional development. I wasn't one of those teachers who got grandfathered in for certification, so I now need so many hours a year in order to keep it. Obviously, your conception date has plenty to do with whether you're a qualified teacher or not. And, apparently my hand-to-hand combat class didn't cover all of my hours.

No, I'm not finished blowing steam yet.

Let's get this straight--in order to help my students, I'm spending less time with my kids and leaving them with someone who may not have gotten any further than graduating high school? Couldn't they just email the power point that I would have to sit through?

Name another profession that does this--that essentially throws anybody in your place? Do lawyers say to their clients, "Sorry, but I can't represent you this morning because I have a seminar on cross examining. So Billy here is going to take my place. Anyone who can get my espresso as tasty as he does can whip out just as delicious justice, right?"

Now subs, don't let my previous crack make you think that I don't appreciate you guys. You guys are that emergency crew to a system that is in frightening distress and tend to many teachers' "mental health" days. Some of you are on your way to becoming full-time teachers. Many more of you were full-time teachers in a previous life. Heck, you're the guys who figured out that you could still get paid for going to school and not have to deal with the other crap. There should be statues erected in your honor.

However, we're not talking about you; we're talking about me. There are days when I think that statues should be erected in my honor. And it's not a day when I'm sitting in some rented auditorium listening to some paid professional giving me the secrets of teaching via acronyms.

There. I'm done. All $27 worth.

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