Monday, October 09, 2006

Crazy Like a Box

Like I don't have enough paranoia already...

The focus of this morning's department meeting concerned a new management strategy. Obviously, it wasn't going be good news because it was a morning meeting instead of an after school meeting. There's less time to complain.

Ms. Boorish, the department head, advised that we are to keep a box of all of the handouts we use for our classes near our doors, so that "[her] classroom sweeps are more efficient." Hmm, what kind of connotation does a word like "sweep" bring with it?

Sweeping removes dirt.

The team was swept in the series, losing all three games.

The plan for the police was to sweep the crack house for any perps.

Yeaaah morale...

She also informed us that she will just be checking to make sure that the handouts were, "relevant, accurate and insightful." This is coming from a woman whose handouts refer to Huck Finn as "a voise for the colored poeple." Hello? It sounds like someone needs to revisit the mimeograph machine.

The joke's on her though. I've already got a container by the door that has my handouts in it. It's my garbage can. The kids are always junking them the first chance they get.

Technically, I guess I have a container by the door with wads of paper around it, left over from the kids playing trash can basketball.


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