Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Isn't that a-door-able?

One of the many "fun" activities associated with homecoming week is the door decoration competition between the BAP classes. Take a ride with me as I show you one of the many "productive" meetings I've had with them as we "brainstormed" what our door would look like.

Me (to the class, lacking enthusiasm because I know exactly what's coming next): So what would you guys like to put on the door this year?

The 20 year old junior: Vegas.

The hyper active kid: Vegas Baby! Vegas!

Me: But this year's theme is "Arctic Bliss." Shouldn't we do something that's related to the Arctic?

The sex fiend: The showgirls can wear fur bikinis.

Me: We're not putting showgirls on the door.

Hyper kid: Showgirls!

The girl who is constantly putting on make-up: How about dice? It rhymes with "ice."

The 20 year old: We can have the dice in a glass of bourbon.

Me (matter of factually): We're not putting bourbon on the door.

Hyper kid: Bourbon!

The kid that idolizes the 20 year old junior: Whiskey?

Me (with conviction): No alcohol will be going on the door.

Hyper kid: Door!

The girl that never talks:

After some negotiation, I got them to settle for polar bears playing poker. Hey, beggars can't be choosers, right?

By that time we only had about five minutes left in class. So the end result was a pair of bear eyes, three and a half red rectangles and post-its explaining what was supposed to be there.

Of course, I'm going to catch hell with my BAP kids next week because I just caught wind of the winning doors.

1st Place: "Viva Las Vegas!"

2nd Place: "Las Vegas!"

3rd Place: "Vegas!"

Next year we're going to do "Viva Las Vegas, Baby!" and be done with it.

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