Monday, October 30, 2006

Getting jiggy-saw with it.

Man I hate jigsawing. You know, where you divide up material and assign parts for students to master so that they can teach it to the class. Yes, I know it's supposed to improve motivation, promote learning and put the responsibility into the students' laps; but there's something else it does that is not advertised. It leaves the teacher to put out many, many fires. You see instead of me presenting accurate information in the first place, I have to shed light on all the new (and interesting) malapropisms they've created.

Do you guys want to hear some classics?

"Americans hated mono, so they fought the British."

Ooooh. Single person sovereignty is the kissing disease. Busted.

"Ferocious readers have shown higher vocabularies."

Grrr! I'm a ferocious reader.

"In The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne was the piranha of the village."

I heard that piranhas are voracious fish.

"This book is stupid. It kept mispronouncing 'Russia' as 'Prussia'."

Right on. Books need to speak right. It probably says the capital is 'Pmoscow'.

"The rumba has four sides."

ONE, Two, Three, Four, ONE, Two, Three, Four, ONE, Two, Three, Four, ONE, Two, Three, Four

"Hemingway was known to be an eggo maniac."

I heard the original title to To Have and Have Not was going to be Leggo My Eggo.

Would anyone care to guess what I tried to do today?

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