Thursday, November 09, 2006


You know how good intentions can get you into even more trouble? Well, let's just say I've taken it to the next level. You see, I've got this kid who is just doing nothing for me in class, and his grades are dropping. He's almost at the point of no return. I've given space; I've made him my special helper and everything else in between to motivate him.

My weekly warning email to the parent rolls around, and I send it, but I also did something else after that that could end up being a problem. I went to my sent mail and forwarded that most recent communication to a colleague, in hopes of getting some advice from a fellow professional.

Well, she replied asking if I tried beating the child. I would have appreciated her trying to cheer me up, if she hadn't selected "reply to all."

I know, I know--I broke the cardinal rule in email--never provide an opportunity for things to get back to those that you're talking about. It was stupid to take the short-cut and just forward the email. Let's just hope that this parent sticks to their inattentive demeanor and doesn't read yet another one of my emails.

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