Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Here's your change and the receipt.

I had a kid ask me what he got on his test. No, I'm not going to talk about his inability to understand that I give work back when I have graded it. We all know that our students, for some reason, believe that we want to hold onto their stuff. Sorry, but I rather keep active uranium rods and vials of smallpox than students' papers.

What I want to share is the fact that this darling wanted to know his grade on the test, as he was handing it in to me. I'm not kidding. He wasn't kidding either. And I only discovered this after a few minutes of him awkwardly hovering over my desk, shifting from one foot to the other, waiting for my response! How do you respond to that?

"Two things. First, there's no bar code on this test. Second, it wouldn't matter because this isn't Target and my hand isn't one of those bar code readers you find at the end of the aisles at Target. And I'm sorry about that because if this was a Target then maybe you could visit the One Stop kiosk and pickup some common sense."

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