Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Testing. Testing. One, Two, Three, Four, Five…

I’ve talked about us being state tested to death before. We’ve done so much of it that it’s numbed us to the process. The testing days are not even significant anymore. Of course that is unless you’re a student who has to take the test today. That’s because today’s test is the last chance for many of the students. This day is designated for those who have not passed the exit exam for standardized state testing.

Well you know what they say: The fifth time’s the charm.

Actually, I think it is about the third time. Hey though, if they don’t make it this time then there’s always the additional chance they get during the summer. There’s no end. I hate to get all negative with the year so close to being finished and all, but what’s the point? I mean when is it too much?

It would be different if the school district’s goal involved putting these kids in the best possible position, but I don’t think it’s the case. We make a kid take a test three times. Great, now what? What have we prepared them for? No, I guess it is about having good numbers to report back to the state.

Man, I wish public schools were about getting an education. That would be nice. I have this sneaking suspicion that if we showed signs that we gave a damn rather than giving them their walking papers (diploma) after getting what we wanted things would be a lot better.

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