Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gown Town

Cap and gowns were passed out yesterday. I’m quite shocked that after all of these years that the school hasn’t realized that it is a mistake to give those things out during the first period of the day. Something like that really needs to be done at the end of the day otherwise you’re dealing with some real distractions.

For example, did you know that yesterday marked opening day of the ultimate mortar board season? It’s like ultimate Frisbee except it is much more jack-a-ninny laden. Plus, the chances of losing an eye increase dramatically.

I am amazed, though, at these kids and their fashion acumen. I never realized how many different outfits that can be created from a gown. There’s the cape, the toga, and the always awkward diaper.

Yep, this is just one of those days where I’m going to have to give in to the distractions. There’s no point in trying to teach. We’re doing a poetry unit. That was no match for the gown bullfighting that was going on in the hallways.

I’m not sure which I hate more. Is it the kids doing the whole tassel as a mustache thing? Or could it be the fake sneeze and the tassel comes out like snot? This, mind you, is the dilemma only if student stealing a second tassel and pretending that they are pasties is not in play. That one is truly the worst.

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