Thursday, May 06, 2010

Party Cashing

The volunteer moms have made one last push to raise money for the prom. The dance is a little over a week away, so I’m not too sure what they’ll be able to accomplish. Still they’ve sent harassing e-mails to teachers for some emergency funding. Things are looking desperate. I don’t get it. These are the parents who pass hand-me-down Range Rovers to their kids. Why are we getting hounded about this?

Their desperation was highlighted by the fact that they weren’t even asking for something in return of a donation. There was no deal for a raffle ticket. There was no offer of a magazine subscription. There wasn’t even an offer to squeegee my car’s windshield. This was a straight-up asking for money.

I wonder what the next step is if they don’t get the money they need. Will there be some sort of daring heist? Maybe a ragtag bunch of the volunteer moms will be lead by George Clooney to knock over a casino in some implausible manner? There’s probably no time for that, though. It looks like they’re just going to have to go for some ski masks and some Saturday night specials.

I wonder if someone will be willing to walk me out to my car after school today?

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