Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Depreciation

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Or as I call it, “Day of Organized Kiss-Up for a Better Grade.” I kid. Things are nowhere near organized. Don’t think jack-a-ninnies grab any old piece of junk to re-gift with hopes of going from an F to a B in my class. Their efforts in sucking-up mirror their drive for doing school work. My first year here I got a Starbuck’s card with $0.63, sample pack of Prell, and a rock. Yes, a rock, like I was Charlie Brown or something.

Anyway, Pécan sent out an e-mail to address this momentous day. He offered his tremendous gratitude for all the work we’ve done. He said if you could do more for us, then he would. What did he mean by that? I’m sorry to say, but are we getting his best effort? I didn’t realize that never returning an e-mail or delivering veiled messages of firing indicated a best effort. If that’s the case, then what’s his best effort throwing away trash? Slamming it against the wall and missing the can entirely?

The funny thing is that his e-mail didn’t say that the SLHS faculty was the best group he had ever worked with in his career. Rather he named his previous school. He either did a poor job of copying and pasting an old message he was trying to recycle or he was just being extremely blunt. Whichever the case, ouch….

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