Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blah Appétit

This is the final grading period for the year, and the home economics teacher is giving us a heads-up about her students’ final. They are to put on an end of the year shindig for the staff and faculty. It will be a buffet of sorts, all decorated up, for our enjoyment. She’s asked us to save the date.

Let me just say that I may pass on such an event. The hygiene record for a bunch of these kids is spotty at best. By “spotty” we’re talking about pee stains, pit stains, and I’m going to stop guessing for fear-of-being-right stains.

Plus, I have some of the students who are in home economics. They think “poetry is as gay as two dudes doin’ it.” I know, not very poetic, so I guess it is no surprise about their lack of appreciation. Anyway, my point: How gung-ho do you think they’ll feel about folding napkins into birds?

Who am I kidding, though? It’s free food. I’m a hobo teacher. Of course, I’ll be there. Spots be damned.

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