Monday, April 12, 2010

Class Exchange

Elective classes are being interrupted for what Principal Pécan is calling intensive science strategy training. Hmm, do you know what I call intensive English strategy training? I call it my English class. I’m just saying….

I mean we’re talking about education here, and not just an education, but a well-rounded one at that. That includes art, music, and the pursuits that define us as a society. Now I don’t consider drilling and killing for the science portion of the state testing exit exam, which these pullouts are for, as one of those pursuits, but that’s just me. What are we doing? Preventing kids from developing an interest just so we can get decent test scores only to then push them out the door and wash our hands of them? No, there has to be a better idea. The fix doesn’t belong in the 11th grade, but much earlier and all throughout their school years.

Anyway, I’ve ranted enough. Now for something else ridiculous:

When these pullouts happen something interesting will occur with their grades. The first group has the kids being pulled out in the middle of the grading period. The elective teachers are to hold onto the grades they have so far. While the kids are pulled out their new instructor will be handling assessments only to send those records back to the elective teacher before the grading period is over for them to calculate a final grade.

That’s right. That means that the kids will be getting a final grade in a subject where a good portion of that work won’t even involve, say theater arts or choir. Shoot, what if a kid is taking an extra year of a foreign language because they’re really into it? They’ll be devastated.

But when the school has Exemplary status, then everything’s great. Screw the kids!

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