Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Promises

I found one of those plastic Easter eggs in my school mailbox yesterday. There’s a story behind that. Every year a math teacher asks her fellow teachers to pitch in plastic Easter eggs for some sort of themed lesson plan she does. This year, one of the teachers became fed up with her yearly request. I know this from his reply-all rant expressing how he wished the math teacher would hold on to some of the eggs that have been donated over the years. He decided to teach her a lesson. He gave her plastic eggs, but he hid his donation all over campus so that she could, “go find the dang things,” herself.

I guess she didn’t find them all. In fact, this is the third one I’ve found this week. We’ll probably be tripping over then the rest of the year. By the tone of this teacher’s e-mail, the end year can’t come soon enough.

I mean, I guess this was his way of blowing off steam and it gave me a chuckle, but it wasn’t exactly in the spirit of Easter was it?

WWJND?: What Would Jesus Not Do?

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