Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hammer has sent us a “friendly” reminder about the hallways. That was the word she used, friendly. What is it about unfriendly people using the word friendly? It just doesn’t go together, and it makes me shiver. The same thing happens when my nose picker says: tasty.

Anyway, this reminder about the hallways specifically addressed the buildup of student traffic between classes. In the past week there have been reports of fights, sexual assaults, and damage to school property. As a deterrent for such activities, Hammer wants us to remember to stand outside our classrooms.

Also, Hammer told us it is important for teachers to stand in front of speeding cars in the school parking lot in an effort to reduce students’ reckless driving.

Okay, part of that I made up. But seriously, if there are kids willing to commit sexual assaults in a hallway with hundreds of people around then what is a teacher standing at his door going to do?

I’ll tell you what a teacher standing at his door going to do, since I do stand by my room (no need for the friendly reminder here) as a river of student chaos rolls between classes—nothing. Unless them calling me names like “Faggot Balls” and “Queer Face” takes their minds off criminal activity.

I’d try to stop them from doing this if I could point them out of the fire hazard that is four thousand students in a school that’s built for two thousand parading down my hallway every hour. I’d say bring in more temporary buildings, but behind our school already looks like a freakin’ Levittown.

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